Jim Langley is authority enough for me. TRCriders always wear a helmet but no cyclists do especially those moms and dads on the bike path. I’d say the bike path is the most dangerous place to ride with or weithout a helmet. This article goes on to give some pointers about helmets. It is the first of two parts and I expect the second to be more detailed on chosing a helmet.

A note to those who are anti-helmet

First, I fully understand that some riders don’t believe in helmets, and if that’s you, you may be inclined to scroll right past Tech Talk this week and next. But I wish you wouldn’t. Because I learned the hard way what can happen when you don’t wear a helmet. And I would rather try to convince you to wear one than see you get seriously injured in a crash when it could have been avoided simply by wearing a helmet.

via JIM’S TECH TALK | Road Bike Rider.

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