You’re invited: “Hell on Two Wheels” book talk & Amazon buying swarm

Hell On Wheels

This looks like an interesting book. I’m inclined to buy a copy  today, but shoot, it isn’t on the Kindle yet.

Ebook readers aren’t the only change coming to the world of publishing. This idea of an author or her agents actually trying to bump up her book’s rankings on Amazon by holding a “swarm” strikes me a an innovation taking some of the marketing out of the hands of the publishing industry. You know, the book that is an instant best-seller because the publishers said it was.

Follow the link below to see the email that came to “” The address was harvested from our old site when Debbie was secretary. Or, follow internal link directly to Amazon and learn more about the book. Maybe even pick up a copy for 15 bucks.–Corrie

Beyond thiis innovative way of marketing a book, it actually sounds pretty good.

Hell on Two Wheels was released this week! I’m coordinating an Amazon buying ‘swarm’ to pop it up in the rankings. Please buy your copy on Thursday, May 14 (click here). With your help, Hell on Two Wheels will be the next big cycling book.

My book tour kicks off soon. Please join me at a local book talk below. It would be great to fill the room with cyclists from Twin River Cyclists Club.

Want to schedule a book talk at a club event? Email me to set a date. Thanks also for spreading the word within your social networks.

See you out there,

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