Dealing with Dogs | Commute by Bike

Always a dog on the bike path. Those are mostly just friendly mutts but they can knock you off your bike. Out on the rural roads I try to keep an eye out for dogs lurking behind a shrub in a yard. Dogs generally are pretty exciteable and give ample warning. The serious dog, though, isn’t likely to be intimidated by all the telepathy you can muster. And he runs silently. You probably won’t be able to concentrate enough anyway. Pretty good quote from Mark Twain though.–Corrie

You know that eye-contact thing that we always talk about with drivers? It (usually) works with dogs too. When I see a dog in my path, I will aim right at it and send a telepathic message, I’m not going to decide for you.

via Dealing with Dogs | Commute by Bike.

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