You’re Never to Old to Learn to Bike

I learned to ride on my mothers ballooned tired bike–the only bike I ever rode as a boy. That bike was the source of some embarrassment for me but still I loved it. It was recreation and transportation for me until I turned 16.

I’ll get a chance this summer to work with a group of over-50 folks who want to renew their acquaintance with the bicycle. I hope  they can find a fraction of the joy that old bike brought to me.–Corrie

When one thinks of bicycle lessons, the image that usually comes to mind is that of a parent hanging on to the seat of a child’s bike and eventually letting go. But some bike organizations that only catered to kids in recent years have added adult learn-to-ride classes.

The reasons for the surging interest vary: gas prices, exercise, the desire to check this off one’s life list of goals.

via You’re never too old to learn to ride a bike | Wausau Daily Herald |

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