The Bike Nazi: Cub Scout Bike Safety Quiz

Are you smarter than a cub scout?


Cub Scout Bike Safety Quiz

I recently became a Cubmaster for Packs 2, 44, and 88 here in Boise. (They are all small packs, and meet together.) Sometime over the summer, we’ll be doing the traditional Bike Rodeo, where we teach and practice cycling skills in a nice offroad environment (a huge, paved parking lot).

This is a quiz that was provided with resource materials; I thought it was interesting. And I’ve got disputes with a couple of the “official” answers. (Yeah, always the rebel.) The questions … followed by the answers. (Don’t cheat!)

(Cub Scouts) Safe Bicycle Riding

True or False Quiz

via The Bike Nazi: Cub Scout Bike Safety Quiz.

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