The Mickey Gendler Story: A paralyzed cyclist’s indomitable spirit

Quit your complaining. If this guy can keep going, you have very little to complain about.

Got to thinking about my odds of being hurt. In twent some years of cycling with over one hundred thousand miles in the last eleven years, I have nver had more than a few scratches and road rash.

So, I ordered a RoadID. You can get one for your shoes, your wrist, whatever. The little engraved tag tells who you are and provides contact information. For a small yearly subscription, your RoadID can provide a phone number and website where first-responders can find a database of information which you maintain. Check it out.–Corrie



Any experienced cyclist knows we’re just a split-second encounter away from tragedy. Most of the time, we manage to avert it. We dodge the car, avoid the pothole. We get up after the spill and bandage the road rash to ride another day.

via The Mickey Gendler Story: A paralyzed cyclist’s indomitable spirit | Bike Intelligencer.

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