Clipless Pedal Primer

Yeah, you’ll likely fall over at least once when moving to clipless pedals. But the efficiency is worth that initial fall which will take place at a slow pace. You’ll do an Artie  Johnson ’cause you’ll be unable to unclip to put a foot down. Next time you’ll unclip before the stop and all will be well.

Here’s a Jim Langley primer on clipless pedals.–Corrie


Clipless Pedal Primer

I heard another story of a new roadie who injured herself by crashing when she couldn’t get out of her new clipless pedals at an intersection. So, this week I want to provide some tips for those thinking of upgrading to clipless pedals, or new to them. The good news is that with the right pedals and a little practice, you can go clipless and enjoy riding even more. In fact, you’ll be safer, too, because you can get your feet on the ground faster than when you’re riding with toe clips and straps.

via Issue No. 483: It’s Time for Something New | Road Bike Rider.

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