What’s Wrong with Bike Paths and Lanes?

What’s wrong with bike lanes and bike paths?

New cyclists may feel welcomed and encouraged by a community that builds bike paths and paints bike lanes, so why are so many cycling advocates arguing against what appears to be their own self-interest?

Lewiston is planning to designate bike routes and I have encouraged the city to use signage (maybe sharrows) and education rather than the expense of separated trails and painted lanes that must be repainted every year.

This article from a Corpus Christ paper does a good job explaining.–Corrie


As a former (and future) bicycle commuter who was sideswiped once from behind and hit head-on another time, I consider my views to be a bit more informed than most. And, based on my experiences and observations pedaling and driving, bike paths and designated bicycle lanes aren’t solutions.

via The safe bicycling path exists » Corpus Christi Caller-Times.

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