Bike helmet laws saving lives, say researchers – ABC Sydney – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

A father and daughter on mountain bikes were lined up on the bridge to start the I Made the Grade ride this year. Neither had helmets on. I thought maybe they were just keeping someone company at the start and didn’t intend to ride.

But, no, they were riding. I moved ahead. I didn’t want to be with riders so clearly ill-informed.

Wait. I know that famous 85% figure is bogus. I know that mandorty helmet laws are said to discourage people from taking up cycling.

I also know that left turn at the end of the bridge scares me. All those riders jockeying for position uselessly risking their own safety and mine. If you want to start in the lead pack, you need to line up with them or ride recklessly around riders who aren’t yet clipped in or maybe still wobbling from the start. Scary.



A group of Australian academics believe they have finally answered the question of whether bicycle helmets reduce head injuries.

Researchers say they have evidence which shows mandatory helmet laws in New South Wales have worked, slashing head injuries by almost one third.

Australia was the first country to introduce mandatory helmet legislation in 1991, and ever since it has been the subject of fierce debate.

via Bike helmet laws saving lives, say researchers – ABC Sydney – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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