Action Alerts

Contact your legislator about issues regarding bicycling. It is easy to do. The League of American Bicyclists keeps an Action Alert page that makes it convenient for you to send your thoughts on specific policies and legislations to the proper person representing you. You can find these alerts at the top of our Advocacy page.


Here’s the latest note from the League regarding actions that might effect you. Rumble strips? Yeah, we’ve seen that.–Corrie

Last month we told you how much impact you can have by e-mailing (or calling, writing or visiting) in response to the League’s action alerts. Well, we might just have to test that again in the next month or two on a couple of sadly familiar topics. We are still doing a little bit of homework on this but we recently learned that the Federal Highway Administration has sent out fresh guidance to the State departments of transportation on the installation of rumble strips (shoulder and centerline); it appears to pretty much diminish the concerns of bicyclists and significantly weaken their own prior recommendations. What’s worse, it also appears that they singularly failed to consult with the League, Adventure Cycling or their own bicycle program person — or even notify us they sent it out. So, when we’ve figured out who we need to get mad at about this, we’ll almost certainly be asking for your help and your voice.

We are also anxiously watching progress in Congress for action on the next transportation bill — it’s really difficult to know exactly when something definitive is actually going to happen; there are lots of promises of draft bills from the House and/or Senate, but nothing solid is yet to materialize. That makes it really difficult to share with you what’s needed and when. But you can rest assured that we’ll have a very short time in which to respond, and we will need a really strong response!! In the meantime, it never hurts to remind your members of Congress that you support continued dedicated funding for bicycling programs in the next transportation bill whatever it ends up looking like overall. Find and e-mail your officials.

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