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Doesn’t seem like i’m getting in the number of long rides this year that I usually do. The weather has been one thing. Lots of events have been another. And finally, recovery time. Seems I’m feeling beat when I should be ready to go. That might be a sympton of too many hard rides in a row–but I don’t usually do that. Or, it might be a result of having failed to shed thsoe 15lbs I usually kick aside in January and February.

Still I like the advice that “just riding” is the key so long as you add an ocassional hard effort. Training is specific. Riding long, means riding steady, but it also means having the strengthen to maintain an even pace uphill and down. Now and then you’ve got to get out of that saddle and stress your system.–Corrie


How Can I Improve Speed on Long Rides?

Question: I just finished a 600K (370-mile) brevet with 15,000 feet of climbing. Next, I’m signed up for several double centuries. How can I improve my average speed in these long rides? I hate structured training plans, and don’t lecture me about nutrition! — Dan L.

via Issue No. 484: Preventing and Treating Cramps | Road Bike Rider.

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