Ride More; build Stamina

Well, I guess I knew that.

Once, years agon when I was still practicing the dark arts of running, my running buddy and I got too smart for our own good. We found a book that espoused the Long, slow distance method of training for a marathon. Central to the program was a great deal of  “rest.”

We may have overdone the rest. The worst experience we ever had running a marathon followed that training regime. I knew I was in trouble within the first mile. Yes, the first mile.

So, how about on a bicycle. Riding a century is orders of magnitude easier than running a marathon. Most years I do at least 15 to 20 rides at or beyond 100 miles. I figure I know a thing or two about stamina. Training? not so much. I just like to ride and do enough of it to be fit enough for most rides I encounter. I’m a little off my pace and fitness this summer, but I still think I could go out and ride a century just about any weekend the opportunity presents itself.

Why do I need this guy to tell me to ride more “minutes”? He looks really fit but I feel he is talking down to his audience.  My advice, just go for a ride and skip the video.

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