How to Avoid Crashes in Groups | Road Bike Rider

I might as well admit it. I don’t like you riding close enough for a nice quiet conversation. I really don’t like to be the outside man when riding double file. I’m not at all confident I’d survive a bumping of shoulders. Now take another look at the peleton and tell me that’s safe.—Corrie


If there’s one thing the Tour de France has taught us in the first fortnight, it’s that even the best bike handlers in the world sometimes crash with alarming frequency.

Most recreational roadies ride in large groups from time to time, in century rides, local organized rides, brevets, races, etc. While our groups don’t rival the sheer numbers riding cheek to jowl in the TdF, the challenges are the same. So, too, are the ways to avoid crashes in groups. Here are a few tips to help.

via Issue No. 489: How to Avoid Crashes in Groups | Road Bike Rider.

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