Mechanic, smechanic!

I hate every little creak, rattle, and pop my bike makes. Both Gary and McCracken’s bikes have been making a gravelly noise from the battom bracket recently. That’s one problem Langley’s tips won’nt help you fix out on the road. For me, I’m couting on nothing wose than a flat.–Corrie


If you’re watching the Tour de France as intently as I am, you’ve noticed the amazing mechanics, racing to the scene of a crash, spare bike in hand, diving into the wreckage to extract their rider, slipping his spare bike under him and mightily pushing him up the road. Or even crazier, leaning out of the windows of speeding team cars and fine-tuning a rear derailleur while hanging upside-down! Whatever the problem, they’ve got the know-how, parts and tools to fix it.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen on the rides most of us go on. And when it comes time to troubleshoot, we’re on our own, or if we’re lucky, we’ve got a buddy along to help. What’s more, most roadies carry a pretty basic tool kit to handle simple problems, like fixing flats, making small adjustments and tightening loose components.

via Issue No. 489: How to Avoid Crashes in Groups | Road Bike Rider.

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