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YYep, that’s the tire I run. I won’t say it has never gone flat but it is usually a staple, sharp object or a puncture weed and even then the flat usually happens in teh garage. I’ve picked punture weeds out of this tire and never seen it go flat.

A while back riding in from the Casisino near the wiegh station, I felt a sudden bump in my rear tire. Once, twice, every rotation. I came to a stop only to find the tire was not flat or going flat. A screw had punctured the outer rubber layer and wedged itself between the core and out tread. I removed the screw and rode that wheel a couple more weeks before several cuts finally persuaded me to retire it.–Corrie



Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase road tires have been my tire of choice for city riding for the past half-decade. I put these tires on my Trek 1500 when I moved to Washington, DC and I rode them into squares. Bontrager offers this tire in a wide range of sizes (700×23-32c as well as 27×1 1/4-1 1/8 and 650x25c), but I prefer the 700x25c. As a smaller rider with a relatively light load, this width gives me enough stability without creating too much additional rolling resistance.

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