Getting There: County weighs mandatory bike helmet-use law – – Aug. 8, 2011

Mandatory helmet laws are like mandatory insurance coverage. You probably shouldn’t have to make them mandatory. Spokane County is considering requiring helmet. Probably pick on the kids first. The adults are clearly to old to learn.–Corrie

As deputies describe it, the 6-year-old boy hit by a truck in Newman Lake on July 28 bounced between the Dodge’s undercarriage and the asphalt like a pinball.

The boy’s bicycle helmet, which cracked in two places, may have saved his life. According the Sheriff’s Office, the boy is at home recovering from his injuries. If not for the helmet, the injuries could have been fatal, said Detective Dave Thornburg with the Sheriff’s Office traffic unit.

“I’ve been investigating crashes for 20 years, and usually the impact with the vehicle isn’t what kills,” Thornburg said of crashes involving bicycles or pedestrians and cars. “It’s usually when the occupant comes off the vehicle and their head hits the pavement.”

It’s one of many statistics that county commissioners will think about this month as they consider an ordinance for mandatory helmet use within unincorporated Spokane County. The law covers all wheeled transport, including bicycles, skateboards and scooters. The city of Spokane enacted a similar helmet law in 2004. Idaho has no state or local helmet laws.

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