Road Bike Rider Does Ridge of the Rockies

Road Bike Rider newsletter is under new management but still has the same fun articles and regular columnists including Coach Fred Matheny who writes about a tour he claims “any fit” cyclist could do. Uh, that 1900 miles in 18 days with 80,000 feet of climbing still gives me pause. Read about this ride and take another look at this newsletter.–Corrie

Ridge of the Rockies is a PacTour ( signature event. Founded in 1985 by the husband and wife team of Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo, both Race Across America winners, PacTour offers tours of various lengths in North America, Peru, and new this year, Africa.

Lon and Susan’s tours are famous for their organization, and Ridge was no exception. A typical day began with breakfast in the motel parking lot featuring hearty oatmeal, bagels and pastries. Route cards had every turn and point of interest marked. Rest stops were spaced about a 90-minute ride apart, with fruit, cookies, sports bars and cold drinks. Lunch — ranging from deli sandwiches to brats — usually was served on the road. At the destination motel, riders scrubbed and serviced their bikes, then relaxed with a walk around towns like Jackson, Wyoming, or Missoula, Montana, before dinner.

via Issue No. 492: Cyclocross for Roadies | Road Bike Rider.

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