Linda ws having trouble shifting from the top chain ring to the middle chain ring when she came to a hill when we did the Bike and Brew a couple of Satirdau ago.

Bill noted that she was cross-chained big to big and as a result her front derailleur was jerking down to the small chain ring when she only intened it to go to the middle chain ring.

In Linda’s defense, when I put the bike on the stand I was able to make it jump just as it did for her on the road. I loosened the cable and examined the throw-distance and decided the set screw could be a bit tighter too.

Here’s a really simple but complete discussion of shifting including Linda’s problem.–Corrie

Shifting Primer

This week’s column was sparked by some if-you-can’t-find-it, grind-it action on a group ride I was on recently. As we approached a short climb, I heard crunch, pop . . . slam! as the rider in front shifted to a smaller chainring and then changed up a couple of cogs in back, too.

I know most of you are expert shifters who smoothly operate your derailleurs, but as I witnessed on the ride, I also know there are some pretty advanced cyclists who skipped Shifting 101 and could benefit from a few important basic tips. I’m here to help.

via Road Bike Rider.

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