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The Endo–this clever little move throws you over the handlebars and usually tales place when your front wheel stops suddenly. That’s why I rarely used the left brake at all. Didn’t want to over-brake and find myself somersaulting my handlebars. Turns ou, though, that the front brake is the one that you need to use to stop especially when you are in an emergency situtaion. LAB says you can apply up to 2/3rds more power to the left(front) brake than to the right (back) brake.Manage the “mini-wheelie” trick in this video and you’ll be able to handle that quick-stop when necessary.

Those of you who’ve taken a League of American Bicyclists (LAB) road skills class (or similar) learned and practiced what they call the ‘quick stop.’

Cycling isn’t rocket science and you don’t need a tremendous amount of instruction to ride in traffic, but the skills learned in road cycling skills classes taught by LAB instructors can help you become a safer, more confident and more “effective” (*ahem*) cyclist.

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