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I seem to be testing this premise this year. Coach Fred says more miles does build fitnees upto somewhere between 150 and 200 miles each week. Over that may be counter productive. To achieve additonal training results you need to add intensity.

Last year I did more miles that I have ever done before. I’ve been runing 250= miles each week for a decade. But this season, for some reason, the rain early, failure to lose weight, new meds–whatever, My mileage has been roughly 175 to 200 miles each week.

And no, I’m doing doing intervals to compensate. I had a great ride at 8Lakes, but a lackluster I Made the Grade. Joseph will tell the tale.–Corrie


Do More Miles Produce More Strength?

Question: It appears that the strongest cyclists on our club rides are those who do the most miles before the official start. Some guys show up after already doing 20 or 30 miles, then they’re unbeatable in the finishing sprint. Should I be doing more miles instead of resting before these rides? — Dino A.

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