Duct Tape Mobile Phone Bike Mount – Part Deux – BikeHacks

My pedals won’t turn nless I have my bike computer running. I actually use both a bike computer and a gps just in case one fails.

I tried my Android phone with a gps app but the phone gets pretty hot when accessing sattelites and I question the battery life ofr a century ride.–Corrie


With each passing day it seems mobile phones take on some new application for our lives.  Since I started “seriously” riding back in the 80s I have always used cyclocomputers.  The only thing I am particularly interested in is speed and mileage and I know there are lots of functions I never use.  I have never used a mobile phone application for a bike related purpose (other than Google Maps) but I am sure there are tons of apps out there to track all sorts of arcane data.

via Duct Tape Mobile Phone Bike Mount – Part Deux – BikeHacks.

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