No Winners in Tennessee School Bike Ride Case – Could Get Worse Still

Yes, the policman picked up the 10 year old and her bike and took her home and offered to have the mother arrested should he find the girl back on the road on her bike.

I never rode my bike to school. But lots of my friends did. At Lincoln over the last few years of my teaching career, I noticed that the bike rack was almost always empty. Kids just aren’t riding their bikes like they used to.

Andy Clark, president of LAB does a good job of putting all this into perspective as well as providing links so that you might help save a program like Safe Routes to School that could be used to provide bike/ped facilities where this child lives.–Corrie


Last week we got a call from the mother of the Tennessee child who was told “not to ride her bike to school”; the story is lighting up the blogosphere as we speak. We listened, offered some advice, encouraged her to contact her statewide advocacy group, BikeWalk Tennessee, and gave the police department in Elizabethton a call to get their side of the story. What emerges is a frustrating story with no obvious winners and lots of people left feeling aggrieved. The basic principle that it really should be (and probably is in this case) perfectly reasonable for a capable 10-year old to ride her bike to school on local streets is in danger of getting lost.

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  1. Teresa Tryon said,

    September 8, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    What is really sad is when you are fighting for a basic right your child should have and the police cannot keep a straight story.

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