Revolights–two in one

If you are a commuter cyclist, you’ll likely have a collection of lighting systems along with a few dead batteries that collect as you move from one system to another. But you’ve never seen anything like this system–Corrie

On the road, bike lights contribute to rider safety in two ways:

1) lighting – allows riders to safely navigate at night by illuminating their forward path.

2) sighting – increases the rider’s front, back, and side visibility which signals their presence (i.e. i am a bike) and location to those sharing the road.

Currently no product on the market provides both lighting and sighting at a functionally high level. Our solution, Revolights, is a double threat. It represents the first fully functional lighting and sighting solution; more specifically, the first solution based on a spoke/rim/hub mounted design.

via revolights. join the revolution. by Kent, Adam & Jim — Kickstarter.

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