Cascade Bicycle Club Advocacy: State Wide Issue

Cyclists have made gains in having our right to the use of the public roadways recognized, but those gains could easily be lost in an environment of belt-tightening. Now is the time to step up your advocacy of cycling. The Cascade Bicycle Club invites you to the BikePac in Seattle on the 27th or you can just make a contribution.–Corrie


Building political power for the biking community

Making the roads safe and accessible for bicyclists doesn’t happen by chance. Creating pro-bike policies — policies that reduce congestion, fight obesity, keep our air cleaner and build better communities — takes the right people in office voting the right way about things that matter to cyclists.

via Cascade Bicycle Club Advocacy: I-90, Burke-Gilman Trail, Missing Link, East Lake Sammamish Trail, Riverview Trail, West Lake Sammamish Parkway, Interurban Trail, regional routes,.

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