When a mirror is not enough.

“Is that like a rearview mirror?” The convenience store clerk had spotted the mirror attached to the temple of my glasses. It was the first time he’d encountered the concept of a mirror for cycling and he was confused. “You have to wear glasses.”

Yes, you do have to wear glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris and insects. But if you don’t really want to wear glasses how about using this rear-facing camera get-up. No mirrors required.–Corrie


Owl 360′s system comes at about half the price of Cerevellum’s Hindsight, though with much reduced functionality as well. Owl 360 does have a couple of extras: Red LEDs automatically flash on at night when the unit is powered on, and the camera switches to infrared mode for night vision capability. Internal batteries recharge through a USB port.

via That *other* rear view display for bikes » Cyclelicious.

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