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When the apocalypse comes; when oil has become so scarce, no one can afford to drive; when the big trucks no longer deliver processed foods from thousands of miles away; when the electrical grid is just a few wind-turbines and a couple of solar panels; when we all grow our own food in community gardens–then we’ll see the bicycle as a form of transportation. ’til then, I’m still getting my groceries from the big box stores and using my pickup.–grumpy old baby boomer.


“Who would use a bicycle to go grocery shopping? You can’t go grocery shopping on a bicycle. Nobody does that!”

Michael was becoming exasperated. “People do it all the time.  A lot of people do. Look around- people bike all over Flagstaff.” Michael is relating this story to me as we sit in a bar on South San Francisco Street. Cyclists whiz by, one after the other. My husband is among them and within minutes, he has joined us in the bar, bike helmet in hand.

via People Who Should Know Better | Commute by Bike.

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