California’s Gov. Brown vetoes 3-foot passing law

The three foot passing law failed a couple of years ago in Idaho. Trucking industry reps said Idaho’s narrow twisting rural mountain roads made that distance impractical.

The law passed in California only to be vetoed by Governor Brown. Not clear just why he objects. He seems to support the distance but is concerned about the added provision hta says “or” slow to to 15 mph before passing. I guess if the motorist slows he can get as close as he likes. The bill was opposed by CHP.–Corrie


On streets with speed limits or 35 or 40 mph, slowing to 15 mph to pass a bicycle could cause rear end collisions. On other roads, a bicycle may travel at or near 15mph creating a long line of cars behind the cyclist.”

via Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More :: California’s Gov. Brown vetoes 3-foot passing law.

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