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Several of TRCers are using the Cycleaware Stow-a-way mesh bag. Great for those cool monrings when you need the wind breaker and arm and leg warmers. Just put the Stow-a-way folded into a pouch into your jersey pcoket. When the weather warms up, it opens into a bag you can wear like a back-apck. Holds quite a bit too.–Corrie

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CycleAware Stow-Away gear backpack. If you’ve ever been in need of more carrying capacity than your jersey pockets offer, this handy little gear backpack may be just the ticket. It’s a mesh, drawstring-type backpack that weighs practically nothing (3.5 ounces, or 100 grams) and folds into itself for easy carrying if not in use. The back features a reflective logo for added safety. I wore a company sample Stow-Away every day of my recent California Coast Classic tour. It was great for carrying items I normally wouldn’t tote on a ride: a small bike lock, a tube of chamois cream, a windbreaker, arm warmers, etc. $16 on company website.

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