Shooting down misconceptions about bicycling | Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin

You’ll encounter the anti-bicyclist sooner or later. If you are lucky it won’t be while you are cycling. But can you answer the charges against cyclists? While this piece covers Wisconsin, the answers apply brfoadly.–Corrie

Even though very nearly half the adults in Wisconsin ride bicycles every year, most people have misconceptions about where bicycling fits into the world, particularly related to riding bicycles for transportation and paying for bicycle facilities like bike lanes and bike trails. Perhaps it is because some people ride bicycles for transportation and others only for recreation, but there are a lot of inaccurate stereotypes and outright falsehoods out there.

To help spread the truth about bicycling, this article lists our top infamous misconceptions a list of short factoids with links to more detailed research to refute them.

via Shooting down misconceptions about bicycling | Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.

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