Cascade Bicycle Club announces major 2012 rides and events; new registration policies

Kenyon and I experienced Cascade’s server meltdown last year when we tried to register for the Washington Bike Tour. Fortunately we tried again about 10 pm at night and both got through while talking to each other over the phone.

Looks like Cascade has planned to avoid this probleme by staggering the registration dates for many of their events so not so many people whill be hitting the servers at the same time. In addition, one of their most popular rides RSVP is now a lottery event like Ramrod has been.

Gene’s got other Cascade Events listed in this  post. You’ll probably need to be a Cascade member to take advantage of the early registration afforded members. Otherwise the rides will likely be sold out before open enrollment.

While I’m pretty persuaded I don’t want to ride on the coast, Cascade des a great job of organizing these rides.




To avoid a repeat of this year’s online server meltdown at registration time, Cascade is instituting a lottery for RSVP and RSVP2 (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party) and staggered registration for other rides.

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