Bikin California and Colorado bicycle tour dates announced

Haven’t done a bike tour? Linda and Ireally enjoy our annual week on a bike. Unlike the crazies we go with a tour. The organizations carries the gear and feeds us. All we have to do is pedal. Gene Bisbee maintains an extensive list of Bicycle Tours. This post is about California and Colorado.

Some of these are more difficult than others. Not only do you want to register early to get in, but to give yourself time to get fit enough for the tougher ones.

Mostly I just do my usual rides but then I ride more than some.



Is your 2012 bike tour going to be a Rocky Mountain High? Or are you California Dreamin’?

In either case, you have a dozen multi-day bike tours scheduled this summer in Colorado and California from which to choose.

via Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More :: California and Colorado bicycle tour dates announced.

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