“If You’re Just a Courteous Rider…” | Bike Noob

Sharing the Road with motorists should be an act of communication. By riding predictably and visibly you communicate that you have a right tot he road and will use that right responsibly.

Taking the Lane is recommended when conditions warrant. But it is also worth being courteous and giving way when there is space to do so.

Deciding when to hold your line or fade off to the right takes practice in judging distances and gauging releative speeds. You won’t always get it right. But if you make eye-contact as often as possible, accelerate when it might help or slow if that will assist the pass, you’re showing courtesy. That can only help.–Corrie

“One person told me once that there’s a difference between the farmers east of the interstate and the ranchers to the west,” I said. “The farmers are nicer to bikers.”

“That could very well be,” he replied. “But I also think that if you’re just a courteous rider, that goes a long way toward keeping drivers friendly.”

via “If You’re Just a Courteous Rider…” | Bike Noob.

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