Scicon Solar Messenger Bag – Post 1 – BikeHacks

The east cost folks may still be out of power but as I write they’ve had no power for 6 days.  No TV or internet for 6 days!

What about powering up all our gadgets? Keeping batteries around goes only so far. My GPS, my phone, my Kindle all recharge directly. Can’t put a new battery in. My camera  too but I can’t get just any off-the-shelf battery for it.

Okay, so we are going in to the darkets months. Don’t know how much charge we can get off that pale globe in the southern sky for about 8 hours every day. But in the summer, we’d have plenty of direct light. How about a solar powered messenger bag for charging your equipment when you are biking in those lonely deserted areas.–Corrie

I have always been intrigued by what might be labeled as alternative energy sources, but to this point in time I had never owned a product that was powered by renewable/sustainable energy or provided energy from a sustainable resource.  Thanks to the fine folks at Scicon, I now am the owner of my first renewable energy producing product – what they call the Solar Messenger.

via Scicon Solar Messenger Bag – Post 1 – BikeHacks.

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