What’s your mileage?

I’ve had this converstaion many times. Most of us are concerned with logging total mileage. We may log our mileage on paper, in a spreadsheet or some online tool. We can reasonably be called mileage obsessed.

it is catching. Donn’s got it. Gary’s got it.

I may be recovering from mileage obsession. I’ve given myself permission to turn back several times this year. But it has been an off cycling year for me. Not seeing a way to reach my goals, I’ve enjoyed not pushing myself quite so hard.

Am I cured? I doubt it.

By the way the Canadian who rode with Gary and me on the Wawawai loop last spring didn’t track his mileage. Instead he tracked time on the bike. As I get older, I think I might want to look at that system. After all, it rewards slower riders.—Corrie


On an almost summer-like Hill Country ride this morning, I caught up to my friend Barbara with several miles to go.

“I want to do 100 miles this weekend,” she said. “I’m at 91 right now. It’ll be close.”

I knew she had done a 60-mile organized ride the previous day. I thought our ride today would finish at something less than 40 miles.

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