Aerobars on Group Rides = Bad Idea | Bike Noob

It’s not so much the aeorbars though that counts as it is riding in a paceline incorrectly. If you are in the middle of the paceline and plan to move ahead, you are responsible for signaling that intention to those behind you. If you are following a wheel with less than a foot of clearance, everyone in the line needs to understand the order of rotation.That’s why joining a paceline on one of those organized centuries can be dangerous. I like to follow for quite awhile, before hooking on and announcing myself. I’m looking for rotation order and steady pacing. Being in your aerobars in a paceline meansyou have less control. You do not want to overlap a wheel as this video demonstrates.–Corrie

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Aerobars on Group Rides = Bad Idea | Bike Noob, posted with vodpod

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