Green Guru Spinner Backpack

I don’t like carrying eztrea stuff on my bike. Maybe that’s why self-supported touring doesn’t appeal to me much. I’m more interested in the feel of the bike than in the scenery I’m riding through or the gear I’m carrying.

Still there are times when a backpack can make the ride go better. I’m found of my stoway mesh bag for stowing my arm and leg warmers and a jacket as the day warms up.

And if I commuted regularly, there’d be a need for a quick, convenient means to carry everyday essentials. But I don’t commute. If I did, I’d be inclined to try one of these bags. I actually do love bags. I love exploring the pockets and features. I just don’t like carrying them.–Corrie

So, I was stoked to get my hands on Green Guru’s Spinner backpack, a mid-sized, commuter-specific, made-from-recycled-bike-tubes, honest-to-goodness backpack. My left shoulder, ya see, had been wanting to try out a new two-strapped bag for some time.

via Green Guru Spinner Backpack | Commute by Bike.

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