How many miles do you ride your bicycle every year?

Well, not 12,000 miles. I did that last year. This year started wet which curtailed early mileage; then I felt tentative on the bike–perhaps the experimenting with new meds was throwing me off, or perhaps the weight I had lost was “weighing in.” I’ll likely have 9,000 or a little better this year.

But I’m noticiing some weeks I don’t recover well. others, I feel like I can keep going forever. But, yes, there’s a slowing down in the recovery time.

This story also references Whidbey Island and provides some links for those of us considering options for a club ride on the coast in 2012.–Corrie

When my BikeJournal log surpassed 4,000 miles for 2011 in October, I thought I was pretty hot stuff.

Maybe some younger guys are laying down more miles on their bicycles, but I was pretty puffed for a guy adjusting to the realities of the 60s.

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