I’m okay, you’re not okay

I put a lot of miles on my bike in a year, but likely I still get more in my pickup. . Do I get more miles in my pickup? I’ll have to check. It’s likely most of us recreational and probably most commuter cyclists still get more mileage each year in a motor vehicle than on a bike.

And I’m guilty of shouting all sorts of aspersions at other drivers.

Come to think of it, perhaps that sense of insularity I feel  in a driving-compartment explains the behavior of motorists and their passengers as they pass cyclists.–Corrie


93% of U.S. drivers — that’s almost all of you reading this blog — believe they’re above average drivers. If you don’t believe the ample research, just lurk at any of thousands of forums devoted to the topic of driving, or read the comments following any online news article about a traffic collision, or read this discussion on the harrowing comments from people who claim they are perfectly safe drivers while they text and talk on the phone.

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  1. November 29, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    I general put under 100 miles biking or driving in a given week, though of course the biking miles take longer. And yes, I suck as a driver.

    Thanks for the link love.

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