The Bike Nazi: Elite Snobs?

I tried to ignore the snarky column about bicyclists on After all it wasn’t about me. It was about urban cyclists in New York City.

But then Boise’s bike Nazi made it relevant. Just another shot in the on-going war between cyclists and motorists. Since I’m both, I have a hard time picking sides though I would usually rather be on my bike.–corrie


Writer Will Doig asks, “Are urban bicyclists just elite snobs?” in an very interesting column at

It looks like thousands have commented; I just read the first page of (predictable) comments. Doig: “Railing against bikes, in fact, [is] a great way to sell papers. A hundred years ago, newspapers ginned up scare stories about the threat that hapless women on bicycles posed to pedestrians. Today, old-school tabloids like the New York Post have found that the bicyclists-versus-everyone narrative still resonates.”

via The Bike Nazi: Elite Snobs?.

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