Topeak Joe Blow repair

A good floor pump can make prepping for the ride easier. Pumps, both the floor and the frame types, cause problems though: won’t lock on the valve stem, won’t take air, let’s all the air out, doesn’t pump air.

I think those who carry CO2 pumps are partly motivated by not trusting their frame pumps. That’s why I carried CO2 for a while–that is, until I had more flats than I had CO2 cartridges. I haven’t tried the latest models that conatin an emergency pump as well. Sounds like a good idea though.

At home, however, who wants to be fighting with a tiny pump? Then you have the floor pump your wife can’t use ’cause she can’t generate the pressure to fill the tire to 100lbs. Or, I’ve had the pump just lock up solid refusing to put any more air in a flat tire.

B&L actually replaced one floor pump and Bruce has fixed another. Learn how your pump works and you may save time, trouble and money fixing it yourself.–Corrie



My Topeak Joe Blow bicycle air pump stopped pumping air. Repair took about 30 minutes. That includes the time I spent eating a sandwich for lunch.

When an air pump stops pumping air, it’s generally because the rubber o-ring attached to the end of the plunger has worn out. If you can get at that o-ring and find the correct replacement part, repair should be pretty easy. Given that quality floor pumps run $40 and up these days, a little time spent in repair might be worth the effort for you. Plus, you can have fun getting your hands a little dirty!

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