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Most of us eastl-siders don’t go out when it is raining. I understand those from Portand and Seattle rarely notice the rain. I know when I ran the Seaside Marathon about 25 years ago, it rained the entire day though the weather report insisted it was just 100% humidity. I couldn’t tell the difference.

I agfree with Bike Noob about rain on my glasses. Usually that isn’t a problem. The bill on my helmet helps quite a bit. If it is wet enough to blind me, I’m probably so wet that this is scarcely noticeable. Remember, I mostly can’t see anyway.

One trick that works for me in the worst of situations is to simply remove those glasses altogether. I’ve got a fixed-focal distance lenses thanks to modern science.



And my reason for not wanting to ride in the rain might not be what you expect. It’s not because I’m concerned about falling on wet pavement. I’ve done that before, so I’m extra cautious when I ride out there. It’s because of my glasses.

via Glasses in the Rain | Bike Noob.

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