Anatomy of a GREAT Group Ride, Part 1

“We need to practice pace lines,” Bill announced apro po of nothing as the three of us road toward Nisqually John’s Landing.

It is true, while we do have many group rides, we don’t have any agreed upon protocols for riding safely and comfortably.

True, we are usually such a small group that it is hard justify let alone offering a training session. But the Cascade Bicycle Club in Seattle holds any number of training sessions as well as sonsoring safe-riding clinics for children in their schools.

A Cascade Ride leader has been trained by Cascade.

Could we do something similar? That was what I was thinking when I tried this new blog called the Art of the Group Ride. I think you’ll like it.–Corrie


Some Group Rides can be no fun at all for a variety of reasons but how do you recognize if a Group Ride is a really good one? Or even a great one?

via Anatomy of a GREAT Group Ride, Part 1.

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