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All good reasons to ride but none of them mine. I ride ’cause it feels good. The more I ride the better I feel.

This piece sorries me a bit since it groups cycling with other “strange behaviors: vegans, and locavores. While my second son is a vegan, I find the whole idea of composting and growing my own food, tiresome. My father did that. Linda does plan a garden and I get lots of fresh vegies that way, but I don’t get a swelling feeling in my chast that makes me want to crow about how wonderful I am.

I don’t objec to your life-style changes at all. Just don’t make feel stupid or hopelessly retrograde because I don’t jump on the latest trends.

Riding my bicycle is a pleasure for me, not a statement.–Corrie


A few months ago, Eric Rempel posted a column about why he biked. This motivated me to share my story.

via Why I Ride My Bicycle – Local Blogs.

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