The Group Ride

Four or five is a large group for most TRC ridees. A 1pm start with vastly disparate riders would probably not do well with a double-pace line climbing Lindsay Creek

Even so, I think TRC would benefit from some standard expectation for the group ride. Right now the fastser riders stop and wait for the others at the tops of the hills. On the longer rides we sometimes do have a strong, steady group which can effectively pace-line. Sadly that usually becomes a race to see who can hold out longest. I like the idea of finding a group pace and holding it. –Corrie

The group settles into formation meters after leaving the café. Like the table manners learned as children the formation is innate to us. Two abreast, tight against the curb we form two lines. Cars pass us with ease as we pedal out of town and into the countryside. The pair on the front increases the tempo as soon as we are out of traffic and onto the rural roads.  From experience they quickly find the rhythm of the group. On the rural roads, we’re in synch. Knowing how to ride properly in a group is taught and learned.

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