When is it time for a new bicycle? Not now for me

Gary’s Bicycle Fund opened up and spilled out a new Cervello. Gary claims it pedals itself. He has to reign it in going up hills.

I’m skeptical about the added performance of a new–lighter–bike.

Dave bought a Madone but I’d say it was the training that got him up the hills faster than I by the end of the season, not the bike.

I had a stomache flu over last weekend and lost a few pounds on top of the few I had already lost through dieting. My bike felt lighter and faster too.

I can see big performance gains between a mountain or cross and a new road-bike, but between two similar gemoetry’s, I doubt the difference is much more than exhiliaration–and a pound or two.

As soon as that happened last year, visions of a new road bike danced in my head. I had the perfect justification — my bicycle was falling apart.

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