What is Conversation Cycling? | Steven Can Plan

Bike lane striping says “bike-friendly commjunity” right? Not really. As we begin to see dedicated bike routes in Lewiston, please notice whether the lanes allow for a bicyclist to stay within boundaries and avoid the door zone?

I’m always skeptical about bike lanes. And once they are in, do motorist feel bicyclists must stay in the lanes? of course!–Corrie


Bike lanes in the United States, when they’re available and not being parked in, are not even wide enough for one person to ride without danger of being doored. It’s not surprising this is the case. In addition to how we prioritize the movement of automobiles and the placement of parking before pedaling, the national minimum width for a bike lane is 4 feet (without gutter), or 5 feet when next to parked cars or with a gutter

via What is Conversation Cycling? | Steven Can Plan.

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