Ride Idaho Details of the Ride

Ride Idahois not the same as the Idaho Bike Ride Linda and I have done even though its 2011 route was through the Stanley Basin, the same route we’ve done twice with IBR.

August 5 – 11, 2012

Ride Idaho is a local, in state, group and their ride for 2012 starts in New Meadows and goes North to Moscow. Get someone to drive you to New Meadows and you could just bike home from Moscow.

So much of this is familiar to TRC riders. On day 6 they’ll be headed to Genessee from Winchester That should be a Friday. Some of us should turn out to ride up the Grade with ’em.

 I note they are riding into Elk City for an overnight. We have a club ride into Elk City and back the same day. I haven’t done the ride into Elk City and should Kenyon and I get win in the Cascade lottery, we’ll be somewhere in Oregon on our club ride to Elk City.

Ride Idaho 2012 Overview

This year we will have a breathtaking ride through the rolling hills, mountain canyons and river valleys of North Central Idaho’s Camas Prairie, Nez Perce National Forest and the Great Palouse. Come enjoy Idaho’s hospitality.

Ride Dates: August 5 – 11, 2012

Number of Riders: 350

Number of Volunteer Support: 50

Location: North Central Idaho

Day 1: New Meadows to White Bird~ 64 miles

Day 2: White Bird to Cottonwood~ 39 miles

Day 3: Cottonwood to Elk City~ 77 miles

Day 4:Elk City to Grangeville~ 80 miles

Day 5:Grangeville to Winchester ~ 50 miles

Day 6: Winchester to Genesee~ 63 miles

Day 7: Genesee to Moscow ~ 35 miles

Total Mileage: ~ 408+/- Miles

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