Bicycle Touring Pro – How To Plan Your Next Bicycle Touring Adventure

i hear Sean and Carol and Steve are planning a cross-country tour in 2013. These are pretty savvy cyclists with a good deal of touring experience–at least for Steve.

But for the rest of us thinking about long tours supported or otherwise, take a look at Bicycle Touring Pro. Here’s the website introduction but you’ll find plenty to keep you busy. Corrie


Welcome To Bicycle Touring Pro

Here at Bicycle Touring Pro you will find information and ideas on the future of bicycle touring; stories and photos from bicycle tours around the world, products and services recommended for life on the road; and a ton of information on how you can plan, prepare for, and execute your very own global bicycle touring adventures.

New articles, videos, and photos are added to the website about two times each week, and there’s a ton of additional information posted on the official Bicycle Touring Pro Facebook and Twitter pages. Welcome to Bicycle Touring Pro!

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