Bicycling and Running: How Crosstraining Can Help

Cross-training is good for you. Either that or there’s some masochism involved in the psyches of all those tri-athletes out there.

I loved running enough to do seven marathons.

For one year I did both cycling and running. I felt great.

But my legs were tired. They didn’t have the spring they’d had ten years earlier. The bike was new and while it took almost another 10 years before I really began to ride at the level I had been running, pretty soon it consumed my exercise time.

Linda took up cycling too. She liked the compnay. But she has never given up running. In fact she runs more than rides.

Cross training really doesn’t help if one sport is an after-thought. Those tris know this.

Still cross training is good for you. See additional links in the article to related cross training stories.–Corrie

Cross-training–doing something other than ride one’s bike–can be a very good thing.  Not only does it offer a nice change from the bike routine, but working out off the bike can also make a person a stronger cyclist.

via Bicycling and Running: How Crosstraining Can Help.

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