17,000 miles? Now that’s a year!

“What are you going to do in retirement,” I used to be asked. “You can’t ride your bike all the time.”

I don’t see why not. apparently Mel doesn’t see why not either.


If you are inclined to high mileage, though, consider Pluse3Network instead of BikeJournal.

With Plus 3 you select a sponsor and a charity and each mile you log contributes toward your charity. As long as you are logging your miles, why not do it for a good cause? And you can be competitive too. Lots of contests and lists of high scorers as well as the ability to share your activity on Facebook and to form social groups on the site.


MOSES LAKE – Mel Olson embodies competitiveness.

A quick look at the hundreds of trophies stacked on shelves in his garage is all the evidence one needs to confirm it.

via Moses Lake man motivated by bicycling website – Columbia Basin Herald: Basin Life.

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